Seeking Sister Wife Season 5: Meet the New Families!

TLC is about to bring back one of its most controversial reality shows.

On Thursday, Entertainment Tonight debuted the first trailer for Seeking Sister Wife Season 5, which will premiere on March 4 and which will feature only one set of familiar faces.

We’re talking in this case about the Merrifields, Dannielle and Garrick, who hail and who were married for 13 years before the latter convinced the former to get a divorce so that he could sleep with other woman.

“We decided two years ago that God wanted us to live a plural lifestyle,” Garrick explained back on the Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 premiere, clearly speaking at the time for his spouse.

The Merrifields
The Merrifields are back for Seeking Sister Wife Season 5. (TLC)

The couple, who hails from Colorado, are back this spring after fiancée Roberta chose not to come to the United States.

Now, they’re courting another Brazilian woman named Nathalia, although Dannielle is not entirely sold on either the potential partner.

Or the idea in general of sharing her husband with another woman.

Elsewhere, fans will meet the Ryan family from Texas.

Comprised of Becky and Justin — who have been married for 26 years — their current girlfriend is having trouble committing to their lifestyle… only for Becky and Justin meet Yary, who is a match for Justin, yet who may not be into polygamy.

It’s pretty easy see the problems this might cause, wouldn’t you say?

Justin and Becky
Say hello to Justin and Becky from Seeking Sister Wife Season 5. (TLC)

From there, we move on to the Salahuddin family (from Pennsylvania) and the Sherwood family (from Massachusetts).

The Sherwoods include husband and wife Shane and Ashley, who are expecting their second child.

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We take note in the trailer of Ashley finding a potential sister wife, but she’s not very interested in even meeting Shane.

As for the Davis family? They’re a tad bit spicy.

Seeking Sister Wife family
Don’t judge this Seeking Sister Wife family on the surface, okay? (TLC)

In the preview, we learn the family has a new baby… a new house… and a new 12-foot bed in their “Boom Boom Room.”

But is Danielle open to welcoming another woman into the fold? It doesn’t seem that way.

As Nick Davis says in the beginning of the video, making a ton of sense:

“There are far more people who can’t do this than there are who can.”

Ashley and Shane
Ashley and Shane from Seeking Sister Wife Season 5. (TLC)

For awhile there, fans weren’t sure if TLC would renew Seeking Sister Wife because ex-cast member Ashley Snowden and Dimitri Snowden were accused by multiple partners of abuse.

The show has said goodbye to the Snowdens.

But perhaps it still should not have brought back a program that gave such alleged monsters a platform in the first place?

We’re just asking the question.

But we’re also rather confident in the answer.

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