Kate Bosworth and Husband Justin Long Eat Their Way Across America During Adorable Couples’ Road Trip

Kate Bosworth Justin Long
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Road trip! Kate Bosworth, 40, and Justin Long, 45, looked so in love as they took to social media to share that they ate their way across the country during a fun couple’s getaway. In a car selfie you can see below, Justin stuck his tongue out as he sat behind the wheel, while Kate dropped her jaw to imitate their dog, who sat, mouth open, in the back. A second pic showed the adorable couple posing outside Long’s Bakery, and another showed them enjoying ramen noodles. They sweetly snuggled up for a pic in Oklahoma, and shared another snapshot while eating frozen fruit bars. Yet another photo showed them enjoying messy pastrami sandwiches, and a final pic showed an exhausted Justin lying on the couch with their dog.

“Ate our way cross country!” Kate captioned the December 21, alongside car, ramen, and donut emojis. “(Things started to get real in Albuquerque w/ stained shirts slide 6).”

Justin, who shared the post to his own Instagram Story, was among the first to comment. “Best. Cross country trip. Ever. Thanks in no part to Happy’s farts,” he hilariously wrote, alongside a heart emoji. “p.s. Those stains are on my @doshombres shirt, @aaronpaul! I figured because we were mostly in the car all day, very few people would see said stained shirt! At least… fewer than a million.”

And plenty of the Blue Crush actress’s nearly 1 million followers on the platform rushed to the comments thread to gush, as well. “Relationship goals,” wrote a fan, while another quipped, “GRISWOLD FAMILY VACATION PART 2 PHOTO 1.” A third remarked, I can’t handle how cute y’all are,” while a fourth gushed, “Love you two!, always up to something special!”

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The Dodgeball star and the blonde beauty confirmed their marriage back in May, when Justin called Kate his “now-wife” during a conversation with Kyra Sedgwick on his podcast, Life is Short with Justin Long. “I was there while I was like really falling in love with my now-wife,” he said of spending time with her while filming Barbarian.  “She came to visit, and I had never been comfortable with… set visits. I like to separate the relationship… But, yeah, I loved having her there and we just had the most magical time. It helped me having her there. She’d help me with scenes. It was the best.”

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